Happy Independence! Which way Nigeria?

October 1st is certainly is no ordinary day in the history of Nigeria, it’s her birthday and should be celebrated at least for remaining a country called Nigeria. Agitations reached its peak in the late 50s which led to the call for independence of Nigeria and other African territories. Nigeria was granted her independence by the British empire in October 1st 1960 and declared a Federal republic of Nigeria in 1963. The then Governor – general Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, pronounced as the country’s 1st president. The protectorate of Nigeria (north and south amalgamated in 1914) then became a sovereign state of our modern Nigeria.

Is it worth celebrating?

Today there are diverse views on the gains or otherwise of the independence. Some say there is little or nothing to celebrate while others wish they could dismember Nigeria. Yet the believers in Nigeria say we have every reason to celebrate. I think everybody has the right to his or her opinion which is something to even celebrate in the first instance. Obviously, the people that do not see anything good in the country have bitter experience to share, maybe for unemployment rate, poverty index, economic misery or political misfortune or marginalization.

The misery index:

The nation that is one of the most blessed countries in the world yet ranked one of the poorest nations in the world. Poverty in the midst of plenty natural resources, poverty in the midst of many Professors of economics, poverty in the midst of vegetation and fertile land. The index is seriously pointing to lack of leadership and direction. Politics is the only profession whereby you may do nothing and still emerge a billionaire in Nigeria. Everyone is guilty in one way or the other.

What is really wrong with our leaders?

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision to reality – Warren Bennis. Where there is no vision; the people perish. Leadership is the capacity to influence others through inspiration.
Our leaders largely are inspired by Money, their conviction is Money, their passion is Money and indeed everyone struggles to grab whatever he sees notwithstanding tearing apart the Commonwealth or country. The love of money is the root of all evil.

Who are these leaders?

Some will say the political leaders are the problem but that is not absolutely true. Every one of us is a leader in our own right. Those political leaders also emerged from amongst us. In fact, a nation deserves the leader she gets because either by election or selection, the people have allowed them to be there. The problem is not about the bad people but the good people that have remained silent.

Not only political leaders.

We have many political leaders that actually meant well initially but as soon as they assume office are taught bad behaviors by the sycophants around them. So it may not be only political leaders but men pleasers, hypocrites, yes master! people, all correct sir, eye service men and women. When the boss or Oga says something stupid, instead for them to correct him, they will be laughing to make there Oga feel great. Are you patriotic? You are a leader leading your boss astray.

In all of us.

In all of us, there is a trace of corruption for example, Lawyer, Doctor, Journalists, even their teachers of lecturers, in fact all profession. It is more profitable to be a defense lawyer than been a prosecution lawyer because there are too many thieves who have devoured the nation’s treasury and looking for defense. Those senior lawyers will do anything to let go their clients off the hook. Ask yourself whether you are patriotic? The thieves will continue to steal more, more, steal enough to settle their senior lawyers that will gladly defend them. As a reporter or journalist, because of bribe you took, you are using your privilege position to feed the society with garbage through your writing skills and you know you are lying. Are you patriotic? Doctors that collect government salary and divert patients in government hospital to their private clinics.

The supposedly energetic youth.

The hope of our country tomorrow is the youth today but their energy and attention is now on social medial. There is a serious worry for the nation whenever I see the level of conversation among the youth on the social media. We are in this together and everyone has a role to play. If you manage, please manage well.