Feeding The Children

No matter who you are; everybody loves children. Children expend a lot of energy all day long and therefore require to eat well. As parent or guardian, we need to give attention to the eating ability of our children. Children eating pattern may be different from one another but the bottom line is that every child needs to eat. Some children have not understood what happen when food drops on the floor. So watch then while they eat.

Parents especially mothers who snack all day with their children may unknowingly lead their children into an unhealthy eating habit. The require energy and nutrients needed for growth and fighting off illness cannot be gotten from everyday snacks.

Quantitative and quantitative growth.

The outward appearance of your child will be a function of the right nutrition you give. Children don’t know this; and if they do; they cannot help it. As parent, we can do a lot at this stage to ensure we supervise them. So also internal organs maturation, brainpower to learn quickly is also a function of certain nutrients. Breakfast is essential to concentration in the class.

At School

You may not be able to comprehend the tasks your children are going through in their various schools. If you visit children in the school during sport with their sport teacher, you will understand why. They play hard and study hard. Therefore, Cereal, Wholegrain, Fruit and vegetables, Milk, Protein are all essential for them for proper growth and development.

Health concerns.

Whenever you kids are able to eat well, you will have assurance that they are healthy. Vitamin and mineral, iron, calcium, protein etc will keep your kids healthy and strong. They need a lot of water to keep them from dehydration, choking and constipation.

As parents, you know why you skip meals but children should not skip meals. Your dieting should not affect the children. Let them know that the time to eat is an important time; life is good. Therefore, your child’s performance in relation to mental capacity and physically ability will be a function of the right nutrition.