How To Worship In Spirit And Truth
(Dr. Ron Kenoly)
1. Position yourself in a place where you cannot be distracted or disturbed
➢ Turn off your phone
➢ Place no time limit on your time with the Father
➢ Decide that you will stay there until you bless Him

2. Acknowledge that Yah (God) is great
➢ Tell Him that He is the creator of all things
➢ Tell Him that He gives and sustains life
➢ Tell Him that His Word and His Name are above all things

3. Humble yourself before Him
➢ Recognize and acknowledge His majesty
➢ Bow before Him
➢ Surrender your total being and all that you possess to Him

4. With your mouth acknowledge His sovereignty
➢ Declare He is the ruler of all things
➢ Declare that He is all powerful
➢ Declare that He is all knowing
➢ Declare that He is omnipresent

5. Tell Him how much you need Him
➢ Be thankful in your heart for what He has done for you
➢ Count your blessings
➢ Remember His Divine interventions
➢ Thank Him for answered prayers

6. Declare your love and your trust in Him
➢ Tell Him that you place Him above all things
➢ Acknowledge that you need Him
➢ Acknowledge that without Him you could not live
➢ Acknowledge that He has a plan for your life
➢ Solicit His anointing to enable you to fulfill His purpose for your life

7. Position yourself to receive from Him
➢ Be still and listen for confirmation that He heard you
➢ Rest in the awareness of His presence
➢ Wait for His mandates and instructions

I pray that this will help you. This is what has worked for me and I believe it will be a blessing to you also. Our Heavenly Father Yah, is a God of structure, design and pupose. I believe that our worship should be that way also.

Feel free to share. Much love, blessings and shalom.

Ron Kenoly