I would have thought Nigeria has the highest number of herbalists in the whole world until I had this report of Madagascar’s COVID-Organics. Is it a case of not having enough herbalists or their medicines are not effective enough or rather we do not believe in them. A sick man does not need to know where the drug is coming from anyway.  A sick man does not care whether the doctor is a sinner or a saint but “once I was blind; now I can see”. The doctor can be from the darkest corner of the earth.

I hope COVID-Organics will be available to everyone who needs it when its efficacy is proven. The question is “what is the outcome of our own Professor Morris Iwu and Co’s experiments?” Orthodox medical practitioners are arguing that this drug be subjected to clinical testing and their so called processes to avoid both short and long term consequences. The clutches of death of COVID-19 does not have the patience for this “long thing” called clinical testing. In any case the worst case is death which COVID-19 readily brings without treatment. Madagascar wonder drug may sustain humanity for some time pending the time when science will find a cure. Desperate situation calls for desperate measures. COVID-19 may probably be the show time for Madagascar. Even the orthodox medicine has side effects and so we cannot be hypocritical about Madagascar COVID-Organics drug.

Madagascar’s COVID-19 cure drugs sent to Nigeria