One can only pray for the people of Kano to overcome the clash of interest between their religiosity and the presidential directives based on common sense. I want to believe Gov. Ganduje is between the rock and the hard place. He is between several Islamic scholars and the presidential directives.

For a people that are still confused whether COVID-19 was responsible for the recent deaths or certain mysterious occurrences, one cannot but to wonder. One would have expected that all our governors will take COVID-19 as serious as Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-olu. At least Kano’s population can only compare with Lagos and the awareness needs not be less than what is witnessed in Lagos. I believe Governor Ganduje probably does not believe in what his counterpart Nasir El-Rufai is doing in Kaduna who had earlier tasted what corona virus could do, otherwise he would have adopted the recommendation of the Federal Government without any amendment. At the end of the day, this is Gov. Ganduje’s call and I guess he is responsible for whatever happens in Kano afterwards. No Islam scholars name will be called if this turns otherwise. Nigerian Islamic scholars are now more religious than the Iranian Shiites and Saudi Arabia Muslims put together.