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Ourcommunity Rules

Welcome to ourcommunity forums! In our community forums you can stir up conversation, join any conversation, you can oppose or support any argument with reasonable, credible and logical argument on any issues.

You will need to register as a member:

    • Ourcommunity Registration
    • You can join any group
    • Follow the rules
    • Let the conversation begins

If you are having problems posting in the relevant areas for your of please contact us through “contact us” or

The Golden Rules is primarily for the building of our communities and not to destroy it. Therefore, use this medium responsibly by treating others the way you would like to be treated. Every community is ruled by laws for orderliness. reserves the right to moderate or delete your post if it’s threatening others or community.

Cardinal Rules

1. No trolling. Don’t make posts that are inflammatory just to get people riled up. Substance is the key to not being labeled a troll.
2. Attack the message, not the messenger. Criticize ideas, not people. Flaming will not be tolerated.
3. No member is allowed to engage in public personal attacks on any other member.
4. Personal attacks are defined as Personal, Racial, Ethnic, and/or Gender based insults, slurs, or derisive comments.
5. All complaints need to be communicated privately using email –
In the event of this, the offending post will be edited or removed, and the offending party shall receive no more than two (2) private warnings via email, and one final Administration warning.
6. If the behavior continues, the member will be banned for a week, and upon a repeat incident, banned permanently.
This will apply to all other community members as well.
All we want is a little community kindness and no attacks. Let’s all work together to accomplish this.
7. No pornographic, sexually offensive, sexually explicit, or objectifying material. _Simple rule. Administrator’s judgment applies here. Sexually suggestive images will be heavily scrutinized. We’d like for our readers to be able to visit the site at work and share with friends without fear of retribution.
8. Do not post links or requests for warez
9. Post in the right forum! If it’s a material for the politics, post it in the “politics” forum. Even if it’s only humor, an observation, or angst, if it’s about something that we have a forum for, post it there. Resist the temptation to post something off-topic because you think you’ll get “better responses” in a particular forum.
10. Respect the privacy of others.

  1. Each member may have only one account.
    12. Do not place foul language in thread subjects .
    13. NO SPAMMING. No commercial-oriented posts, and no flooding with useless content.

    Compulsory Rules

    1. Use descriptive subject lines and research your post. This reduces the chances of double-posting, and it also makes it easier for people to see what they do/don’t want to read. Also, scan the subjects of the last several days’ posts to make sure you aren’t duplicating posts. Also, consider what forum your topic should be posted in.
    2. Restrict the use of excessive foul language. Swearing will not be tolerated on this board at all. Because of the fact that it is a family-oriented site, we need to keep it clean. We aren’t saying you can’t express your opinion, but there are ways to do so without swearing.

    Finally, remember that we’re not the ratings board here. Not making any hard and fast rules means that the moderators can use their good judgment in moderation, and we think the results speak for themselves.
    Bottom line: we always give warnings (with the exception of unacceptable posts-sometimes we need to work fast), but we don’t necessarily give them more than twice to the same person. If you are disrupting the community, we will take action.,ng Signature Guidelines

    We have come up with some general signature guidelines, and these will be enforced.

    1. Signatures will be no longer than 5 lines.
    2. Signatures may contain a link to your personal site.
    3. Signatures are expected to follow the same guidelines as posts, which means no flaming, no swearing, no personal attacks, and no adult material.

    If you are seen violating these guidelines you will be asked once privately to change your signature. If you fail to comply, we will change it for you. These guidelines should be easy to understand and easy to follow. Thanks for your understanding in this matter. trusts that all our moderators would act judiciously and liberally with rules. In the event of disputes, matters will be properly escalated to the appropriate authority within the management of